Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kitchenaid Paddle Tool Why Does My Kitchenaid Paddle Leave Grey Dust In My Food?!?

Why does my Kitchenaid paddle leave grey dust in my food?!? - kitchenaid paddle tool

My shovel into the KitchenAid mixer gray leaves in hitters waste. Sometimes he stops for a moment. Other times, you can simply everything on a gray residue. What is it?


Bears Mom said...

Must be a standard. Contact the company and tell them the problem and will probably send you a new toll. In the meantime, I would not use the shovel.

Major Eyeswater said...

Is that a new mixer? Sounds like KitchenAid work hard when the mixture in a thin crust? It could be cool, graphite, a lubricant.

Contact Customer Service
Call 1-800-334-6889
8.8 EST (Monday - Friday)
10.5 (Sat) is

cookingk... said...

Are you sure that you enter from the palette, not a few of the engine. I would call customer service, does not seem safe to use.

Dune said...

It welds, as we need a really good dish.
They can be cleaned and stored the powder before use.

<3 said...

no idea
I would like to contact the company
probably replace it with

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